So What’s New?

Welcome to the relaunched Unashamed Workman!   I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be blogging again. Nor can I convey my excitement about this new website.

So, what’s new about Unashamed Workman 2.0?

The New Website

The first change is the website itself. Note the new address: The old site will remain for a while to re-direct people, but we will eventually take it down. Many thanks to Fraser Edwards who has put together this new-look site. It really looks good.

The New Contributors

One of the big changes to Unashamed Workman is that we have moved to multiple authorship. The goal is to spread the load, broaden the perspective and increase the output. It is a joy to welcome a number of pastors as fellow-contributors. They serve in places as divergent as Newfoundland, Hong Kong and the Highlands of Scotland. But all these men are capable expositors, and they all have a passion to encourage fellow preachers.  We plan to add some more contributors as time passes.

The New Articles

Unashamed Workman will continue to have regular links (filed under “Workman’s toolbox”) which will direct preachers to helpful online resources. But we also want to contribute to the discussion. So expect more substantial articles on the topic of preaching . The first such article is here.

Get the Word Out

Unashamed Workman is a non-profit online website. We are not intending to make a name for ourselves. We are not trying to establish a para-church organisation. Unashamed Workman exists solely for the purpose of encouraging preachers (see our aims here). So if you find the website helpful, please let other preachers know about the site.

May God help us to preach His Word… in season and out!










5 thoughts on “So What’s New?

  1. Colin, congratulations on the new, great looking, relaunched blog. The Lord strengthen you and those who contirbute with you. I am adding a link to my blog linked to my new ministry

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  3. Nice to see things back, Colin, and that you’ve pulled in a few other friends! Looking forward to what’s to come!

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