Workman’s Toolbox – 17.10.13

Some Practical Pointers on Preaching from Alistair Begg.

David Robertson gives an interesting take on a controversial subject at the moment in the UK: street preaching.

Hershael York has writes helpfully about preaching the supposedly “profitless” passages.

Northern Ireland friends: Don’t miss Dale Ralph Davis coming to the country next month (Evangelical Fellowship of Ireland. Thu 7th Nov, Moira Baptist Church, 10.30-15:30). He is also preaching in Lewis, Scotland in November.

Cornelius Platinga Jr is championing the need for preachers to read widely (ie. beyond Christian literature). I think this is a good practice, if time allows.



Workman’s Toolbox – 6.6.13

“Um, oh, and you know: Killer fillers in public preaching” by Tom S. Rainer.

“Everything I know about pastoral ministry I learned riding with pastors.” Thanks, Thabiti, for passing on this wisdom.

7 Ways of Preaching Christ From The OT – from Greidanus

Watch out: you might be googled while you preach

Why won’t my pastor preach against abortion? by RC Sproul Jr

Workman’s Toolbox – 29.5.13

Peter Mead: How long does your congregation keep their bibles open?

Words of Wisdom From The Preacher on Preaching by Danny Akin. (Delivered at God-Exposed Conference). A great quote from Akin to preachers: “What you say is more important than how you say it. But how you say it has never been more important.”

Preach God and example by Tim Ward.

John Piper is reflecting on 33 years in the pastorate.

Workman’s Toolbox – 23.5.13

In recent months I have started to use Evernote as a tool in pastoral ministry. Here Brandon Hingleman explains 5 ways he is using Evernote in ministry.


Some of the newly available recordings of the Gospel Coalition National Conference 2013 (and the auxiliary conferences) are particularly relevant to pastors. For example:


8 advantages of choosing expository preaching