2020 Foresight

One of my admittedly few goals for 2020 (I’m not a big resolutions guy, but that’s another story) is to blog a fair bit more. Over the past three months, in a number of unsolicited conversations with pastors, I have been reminded of the blog and urged strongly to get myself writing more frequently.

Feeling suitably chastised, here I am.

A quirky problem I have is that I prefer to produce more substantial posts. But in the busyness of life and ministry, this can lead, unsurprisingly, to an inevitable outcome: not much blogging. So my thought this year is to produce briefer, less well crafted pieces, that will nonetheless seek to get the point across.

Some topics of interest to me just now include :

  • the practicalities of preaching Christ in every sermon
  • improving my interpretation and application of narratives
  • how to address controversial matters in sermons
  • the place of passion and how to cultivate it authentically
  • moving our sermons from Sunday only events to pervading the church week
  • dealing with distractions in the moment of preaching.

I’d love to hear (either in the comments or by personal dm) what topics you’d like to see me blog about in 2020?

What are we all wrestling with in our preaching at the moment?

3 thoughts on “2020 Foresight

  1. That’s a great list of topics for 2020. I’m always interested in learning about preaching Christ from the Old Testament. I haven’t reviewed everything you have already covered in your blog, but some other topics might be:
    – the importance of sermon unity,
    – taking account of children and young people in preaching,
    – the value or lack thereof of providing the congregation with sermon outlines.

  2. Looking forward to more exploration on these topics!

    Wondering what you mean by sermons pervading the church week… is that in terms of ministries relating to the texts/themes and relating the preaching programmes with the church week programmes, or more about the applications hitting more of the church week?

    The thing I’m wrestling with, as a young man fairly new to ministry and training, is something that seems almost inevitable. That on the one hand as your doctrine of Scripture grows, you grow more and more convinced of the importance of ‘word ministry’, yet on the other hand, in the good intentions of doing the work for that ministry, your limited time and capacity seems to get pushed and squeezed by many other things, leaving you with little left to put into something you consider of significant importance.

    I wonder if that is related to convincing the body that all the parts matter and all the parts have a role. That the work of some parts are actually to equip the body for work.

    I always end up thinking, “Welcome to ministry!” Then sigh and chuckle at the same time.

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