(This is a letter I happily put my name to a few days ago. It has been sent to MSPs, local councillors and newspapers)

4 February 2020

The cancellation by the SSE Hydro in Glasgow of the Franklin Graham event is a deeply disturbing decision that is antithetical to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and to true democratic values.  

Franklin Graham is being discriminated against for having on occasions expressed mainstream Judaeo-Christian views on sexuality. His views in this area are not religiously extreme, indeed they simply reflect the historic and orthodox teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England and countless other denominational groups. Like all mainstream Christian leaders Franklin Graham believes that every human being is a precious soul made in the image of God, and thus should be loved and treated with respect accordingly.

The planned event is one in a rich tradition of such Christian activity going back centuries in both Glasgow and the country at large. As Rev. Graham has expressed himself his mission is not political but to make known the good news about Jesus Christ to every person regardless of their sexuality or any other characteristic.

As the leaders representing evangelical churches in the West of Scotland Gospel Partnership, we want to express our consternation and deep-seated fears at this discriminatory act against a faith group that has faithfully served the civic good of our city for generations.   

Christians disagree about many things, but Christians all agree that respect for religious freedom and freedom of speech is fundamental to a free society. Therefore, we ask that the SSE Hydro management, and those political leaders who have influence in such matters, reverse this decision.

A failure to do so would be an ominous move towards a less free society and one that will in time have serious repercussions for the civic liberties of all.

On behalf the West of Scotland Gospel Partnership,

Rev. Colin Adams (Greenview Church, Glasgow)

Rev. Dr William Philip (The Tron Church, Glasgow)

Rev. Alan McKnight (Harper Church, Glasgow)

Rev. John MacKinnon (Calderwood Baptist Church, East Kilbride)

Rev. Dr Andrew Gemmill (Cornhill Training Scotland)

Rev. Craig Dyer (Christianity Explored Ministries)

Rev. Andrew Hunter (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches).


  1. So pleased to read this letter, and applaud the action of The West of Scotland Partnership. Thank you for doing this, We need to unite in prayer. for a reversal of this unjust decision.

  2. Glad to read this, and delighted that a group of highly respected leaders have risen to the challenge thrown down by those who would try and thwart the spread of the Gospel. My Prayer is that more will join this campaign and bring about a rethink by those who have the power to change this damaging decision.

  3. Excellent. I wrote to Susan Aitken, SNP leader of Glasgow City Council regarding their discrimination against Christians and freedom of speech. Great news for those of you in Glasgow speaking up. A great answer to prayer. Thank you.

  4. We need not to hide our light under a bushall thankyou for highlighting this issue as Christians we cant and wont be silenced praying God has a rethink what. You see you reap God Bless

  5. This is complete discrimination against Christianity. He is not coming here to talk about homosexuality. He is coming to tell everyone that we are all sinners yet God loves us and wants to save us. It is outrageous that the City Council should cancel his booking at the Hydro!

  6. Franklin Graham. Just wants to Preach the Gospel Jesus Died for All Sinners. . Like his Father. This. Visit should Not be stopped . If people don’t want to hear they don’t have to go….But. Others. Will want the opportunities They. Are. Against. . Freedom if Speech. And discrimination. . . Against Franklin Graham. They. Should Not be Allowed to Do This in UK

    They Hate to be descriminated. Against. . But it’s ok for others to do the Same to Christians . .

  7. It is very sad that the event was cancelled, we used to be bible loving Scotland and Glasgow was a city which thrived on the preaching of Billy Graham in the 50’s and then the early 90’s. The Gospel message hasn’t changed but unfortunately today’s society no longer want to listen, or in this case are being denied an opportunity to even hear the message and decide for themselves.

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