The Slow Road To Re Opening

I’m guessing like a lot of churches we are on a rather slow road to re-opening. In a fairly small building like ours, the limitations of physical distancing are significant. We have one small entrance, narrow passageways and poor ventilation. As a result, there are some health and safety issues that will need to be looked at rather carefully.

Alongside this, vastly reduced numbers (only approximately a quarter of our Sunday congregation can currently attend under government guidelines) means that most of our church members will still need to watch proceedings from home. We need to put quality camera provision in place that will allow recorded services to be watched by the majority of the congregation who will be watching proceedings from their living room couch.

The challenges of reopening.

We are eager to be together. We want to fulfil Christ’s command to meet in his name. But we are also eager to open in a responsible way that also honours God appointed government and loves our neighbour.

Until then, we are thankful for churches that have already been able to re-open already and we are also praying for congregations who like ourselves, are finding the road out of lockdown to be a slow one.



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