Resources For Sermon Preparation

This page lists a number of resources that preachers may find helpful.

Preacher School by Paul W Martin

Part One – Preacher School Intro

Part Two – Read the Text, the Whole Text, and Nothing But the Text

Part Three – Have One Big Point

Part Four – Sermons Should be Interesting

Part Five – Outline the Passage

Part Six  – Open the Windows! Thoughts on Illustrations

Part Seven – Opening and Closing the Door Thoughts On Introductions and Conclusions


Other Sermon Preparation Links

Bryan Chapell – 25 Lectures On Expository Preaching

Ed Clowney and Tim Keller – Preaching Christ In A Postmodern World

Wayne Grudem – Ten Tips For Biblical Interpretation

Josh Harris’ Preaching Notes Series: Tim Keller, Ray Ortlund Jr, CJ Mahaney, Mike Bullmore, Mark Dever.

Online Bibles

Bible Gateway – Online bible in over 100 versions.

Choosing Commentaries  Database of the best Bible commentaries. The best bible commentary is ranked by reviews from scholars, journals, and site users.

Dr Don Carson. Don’s recommended best buys for each NT book.

Keith Mathison’s list. Five recommended commentaries on every book of the bible.

Bible Software

Logos software. Excellent bible study software providing access to almost 10000 titles, including commentaries, dictionaries and original language texts

 Online Commentaries

Robertson’s Word Pictures Of The New Testament – Excellent comments on the entire NT by AT Robertson.


Application grid – blank, example.

English language

Oxford English Dictionary

Roget’s Thesaurus

2 thoughts on “Resources For Sermon Preparation

  1. Thank you for making the time to share these resources. The link for the Application Grid is broken. Also, may I suggest the Merriam-Webster online dictionary? I ask because it includes a dictionary entry for children and one for English language learners. These often help simplify the use of a definition during Bible study.

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