How Long Does Your Sermon Cost You?

Charles Simeon took a long time to prepare sermons. Speaking of the sermons of the great preacher, Bishop Daniel Wilson claimed that,

“Few cost him less than twelve hours of study – many twice that time: and some several days. He once told the writer that he had recomposed the plan of one discourse thirty times.”

This encourages my soul. While I prepare sermons more quickly than I used to, an average sermon still costs me between 10 to 15 hours.

Sometimes we might wish we could give more time to other aspects of the ministry. But preparing to feed the flock will always be a labour costing us many hours of planning, perspiration and prayer.

May we always be willing to pay that price.


1 thought on “How Long Does Your Sermon Cost You?

  1. Thank you for this admonition. I teach my preaching students at Piedmont International University and on my blog to “Start Early” on their sermon preparation. I try to start on Monday and study and meditate all week on Sunday’s message. I plan to tweet your post. Thanks again.

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