Best Summary of Luke and Acts?

This Sunday I will be launching a new series of sermons on the gospel of Luke. During my preparations I have become “good friends” with Darrell L. Bock, arguably the best modern commentator on the gospel of Luke.  Reading Bock’s writings and listening to his online videos has enriched my understanding of Luke’s wonderful gospel. I’m also thinking of growing a beard!

In the following series of videos, Bock says that the central theme of Luke Acts is: “Jesus is the Lord of all, so the gospel can go to all. And that gospel includes the inclusion of Jews and Gentiles into one body.” I don’t believe I have come across a clearer, more comprehensive summary of the theme of Luke and Acts.

To give you a flavor of Bock’s thoughts on Luke’s two volumes, take a look at the four videos below. I hope some of you who are preaching on Luke/Acts, or are planning a series, will benefit from them.

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