Waldo Revisited

A bit more nuance to add to Tuesday’s post “Stop looking for Waldo.”  The point I was trying to make was a corrective. Like most correctives, it is doubtless overstated. My point is really two fold:

1. That we preachers often search for Waldo before we search for Jesus in the text, and

2. We sometimes aren’t careful enough in the way we connect ourselves to the characters in the text.

Take Mark 4. I’ve heard countless sermons that have put us in the boat with the disciples. We too face “the storms of life.” If only we will trust in Jesus, he will say in the midst of our storms, “Peace be still.”

The theology of this may be ultimately true, but I suspect Mark would be extremely surprised to learn that preachers were using his material in that way. Mark’s point is to show Jesus’ authority over nature. In light of this powerful authority, we CAN see ourselves alongside the disciples asking “who is this?”

Maybe if I were re-writing the post I would say this:

  • Be sure you find Jesus in the text before you go looking for Waldo
  • Be careful that you find an actual Waldo, not an illegitimate look alike!

Does that make sense?

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